doubledutch photography

by lissa steenerson

Your Session!

Warm weather months I will meet you at our agreed upon location. In cold weather months I will arrive at your home on our agreed upon time and take a look around. We may move things around a little to make it possible to do pictures in rooms with the best natural light which I believe makes for the most beautiful images. Open window treatments to allow for the best light, make beds and put away items that you do not want to see in your photographs.

{Newborn Sessions - under two weeks} typically take an hour to two hours. We try to get images asleep and awake and of course allow plenty of time for nursing/bottle feeding and soothing.

{Babies and Small Children} sessions usually take one hour. Toddlers tend to be cooperative initially but it fades quickly (coming from a Mom of toddlers I know!). My approach with small children is to allow them to be themselves and do what they do. After I'm there for a little while they sometimes don't even notice I'm taking their photo and those can be the most precious photographs.

I will bring some props for newborns and babies such as baskets, textiles, crates, small crochet hats and blankets. If you have favorites we can certainly use them!

{Senior Sessions} sessions take an hour - an hour and a half. We do a mix of head shots, full body with background, sitting and standing. Your senior pictures can be as fun as you want to make them! It's very informal and natural and past seniors have said they felt comfortable immediately and actually enjoyed doing them. Please bring one to two outfit changes and any letter jackets etc that are important to you.

What to wear? I really feel that less is more when it comes to dressing children for photographs. It's them; their tiny bodies, little round soft faces and bellies, hands and feet you want to remember. Try to keep in mind small babies that are over dressed tend to get lost in the clothing. A simple hat and blanket can be plenty, sometimes even too much.
Don't be afraid of color! Color makes photographs bright, vibrant and fun! Consider coordinating (not necessarily matching) family outfits for a great look. Mom's please wear something you love and feel great in! You can tell. Trust me.

Payment is due at the end of your session. Cash and Check (payable to Lissa Steenerson) are accepted at this time.

I love collaborating with you! If you have ideas I'd love to hear them and see if we can make them work!

**Sneak Peeks are posted on doubledutch photo's Facebook page two to three days after your session. A cd with your final images is mailed out within two to three weeks.

I'm really looking forward to doing your photographs!