doubledutch photography

by lissa steenerson


Who am I?
My name is Lissa Steenerson and I've worked and been involved in the photography industry for a long time. While in college I worked at a professional lab and had the opportunity to work with and spend time with some of the greatest photographers in the state. My education is in fine arts and I was first a painter before becoming more and more drawn to the art of photography.

After having twin daughters in 2009 my passion for family photography blossomed and the need for capturing these little moments became very near and dear to my heart. Those tiny parts, the little chunky legs and bellies, smirks & expressions change so quickly as children grow and having the portraits freeze it all in time is a precious gift. You really are going to miss this! Children grow so quickly and we get caught up in the shuffle of our daily lives! A beautiful image of your family can bring you right back to a place in time. All people and all families have a different and wonderful feel to them and I capture that essence in my photographs. My main goal is to evoke feelings when you look at my photographs and not just take a pretty picture.

This is my art, my passion and my heart. I just know you're going to love your pictures!